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The Course

The Law Enforcement Performance Auditor Workshop is an intermediate auditing course presented by Elite Performance Assessment Consultants, LLC (EPAC). The course is designed for auditors with basic auditing skills who want to enhance their knowledge in the field of public safety performance auditing.

This course is highly interactive, where students are assigned an audit and are required to complete the engagement from beginning to end. Students prepare an audit work plan, conduct fieldwork, select a sample from a population, analyze their findings and prepare an audit report. The class is divided into five groups with an assigned facilitator to assist the students with their project. The report and findings are presented to a mock panel for evaluation.

The course is presented internationally at selected locations and announced on the EPAC website. Personalized presentations are available for specific organizations.


Course Modules

The Law Enforcement Performance Auditor Workshop is designed as an intermediate course. The course curriculum provides the necessary information for public safety auditors to perform their work.

Module 1: Orientation, Introduction, and Assignment
Module 2: Overview of Audits in Law Enforcement
Module 3: Audit Planning Essentials and Practicum
Module 4: Work Plan Essentials

Module 4 (continued): Work Plan Practicum
Module 5: Field Work Essentials
Module 6: Sampling Methods Essentials and Practicum
Module 7: Capturing Field Work Essentials and Database Operations

Module 7 (continued): Capturing Field Work Practicum
Module 8: Analysis of Evidence Essentials and Practicum
Module 9: Audit Report Essentials and Practicum

Module 10: Referencing Findings to Evidence Essentials and Practicum
Module 11: Presentation of the Audit Report Practicum
Module 12: Application Ideas
Module 13: Course Review
Module 14: Final Examination and Critique


Course Instructors

All instructors are actively involved in all phases of public safety performance auditing. Cadre members are highly qualified instructors and are certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. They are also certified auditors and fraud examiners by numerous professional organizations.

How to Apply

Persons or organizations interested in attending the course should contact EPAC for information at 626-890-3324 or e-mail the course coordinator at Information for course presentations is posted on the EPAC website:

Tuition & Fees

Tuition to attend this course is $1,200.00 per student. This includes course materials. For organizational presentation fees, please contact the Director of Training at 626-890-3324 or e-mail at

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