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The Law Enforcement Auditing Management Course is presented by Elite Performance Assessment Consultants, LLC (EPAC).

The Course


The course is designed for audit managers who want to enhance their knowledge in commanding an internal public safety performance auditing entity. The course is highly interactive and utilizes the adult learning model of instruction. The students are divided into five groups and they are assigned learning activities to enhance knowledge. Each group presents their findings to the class and instructors provide feedback during the debriefing process.

The course is presented at selected locations. Personalized presentations are available for specific organizations and tuition is negotiable.


Course Modules

Module 1: Orientation
Module 2: Organizational Leadership Principles
Module 3: Effect Audit Leadership Principles
Module 4: Risk Management and the Law
Module 5: Risk Assessment in Auditing

Module 6: The Audit Process and Performance Measurements
Module 7: The Role of the Audit Manager
Module 8: Auditor Independence & Organizational Transparency
Module 9: Developing & Implementing an Internal Audit Entity

Module 10: Audit Committees
Module 11: Peer Review
Module 12: Analysis of Findings
Module 13: Evaluating Audit Reports
Module 14: Implementing & Tracking Recommendations

Module 15: Managing Consent Decrees & Negotiated Settlement Agreements
Module 16: Management Challenges
Module 17: Panel Discussion
Module 18: Course Review
Module 19: Final Examination and Critique


Course Instructors

All instructors are actively involved in all phases of public safety performance auditing. Cadre members are highly qualified instructors and are certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. They are also certified auditors and fraud examiners by numerous professional organizations, attorneys, and scholars.

How to Apply

Persons or organizations interested in attending the course should contact EPAC for information at 626-890-3324 or e-mail the course coordinator at

Tuition and Fees

Tuition to attend this course is $588.00 per student. This includes course materials. For organizational presentation fees, please contact Dr. Christopher Figueroa, Director of Training at 626-890-3324 or e-mail at

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